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BBoil RF


PS Gate

PS Plug

PS Fire

PS Water

PS Alarm


Universal control over

Electric water heaters
Gas water heaters
Solar water heaters
Irrigation systems


Save up to 30% from your energy bill

Control your home’s climate from any part of the world

Enjoy extra comfort

Use your favorite mobile devices. The proSmart app works with all devices and operating systems.

Share access with unlimited number of people

Get free access to all app features

Optimize any type of heating and cooling system

Fast and easy setup

Suitable for new installations as well as replacement of old thermostats.

Trouble-free maintenance

System monitoring

Installation of up to 4 wireless sensors

Comfort, user-friendliness and remote temperature control via a single app

Become part of the fastest growing IoT network.

One of the most reliable and affordable solutions on the market

Your own admin panel, where you can manage each sold device

Fast and easy deliveries from an EU manufacturer

Proven growing strategy with a growing network of partners in more than 15 countries.

Comfort, user-friendliness and remote temperature control via a single app

Made of high-quality materials with an average life expectancy of 10 years

Ready reliable and affordable solution

Add great value to the end product at a very small cost

Possibility for full rebranding

Get an app exclusively for your brand

You gain

BBoil optimizes any heating/cooling system by ensuring higher comfort and lower energy bills.
Easy and reliable remote control from any part of the world.
Real time information
Constant information of the temperature in your home and status of the system.
Custom modes
Create weekly or monthly schedules and pre-set scenarios – Vacation, Work week, I'll be home late, etc.
Boost mode
Select the number of hours you want your heating or your hot water to work on maximum power. Perfect for occasions that are not in your usual schedule.
High level of security
Storing the data and logins using a secure server
Fast and easy installation
BBoil can be installed to any heating/cooling system regardless of the manufacturer. It connects with any Wi-Fi without the need of any additional settings.
Built to last
Hardware made of high-quality materials. Software up-to-date with the latest IoT trends.

We develop inspiring products of high value for our customers
- Pro Smart Ltd.