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The product

proSmart BBoil is a product that allows fast automatization of every electrical device, regardless of its manufacturer or model

The technology set in proSmart BBoil allows it to connect with any wireless Internet, without the need of any additional settings

proSmart BBoil is a complex system with which you not only turn on and off your devices remotely, but manage and adjust a number of devices in your home, office, house or villa

proSmart BBoil allows the users to receive real time information for all connected devices – their work and current status

Why choose proSmart BBoil

Saves you money from your electricity bill

Optimizes the use of every connected electrical device or appliance

Complete integrated control system

Easy to use and user friendly software interface

Mobile app, compatible with all OS

proSmart BBoil’s could be used for

Control of electric water heaters

Control of heating systems

Control of gas boilers and solid fuel boilers

Control of solar systems

Control of irrigation systems

Control of indoors and outdoors lighting

Control of different types of electrical devices

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