Smart solutions for smart ventures

Increase your products connectivity and let your customers live intelligently. Pro Smart’s solutions increase the energy efficiency and comfort of all connected systems, thus enhancing the overall value of any home. Professionals appreciate the easy installation, trouble-free maintenance and high-quality of our products. The option for white labeling gives any business the opportunity to satisfy all needs of their brand loyal customers.

Pro Smart devices are made to be easily integrated in any home and to offer universal control over any heating and cooling system, entry and garage door, access control system and all household appliances.


Fast and easy installation to any system regardless of the manufacturer. With our smartConfig it only takes a minute to setup your account and connect your devices to the Wi-Fi.

Security up to the latest IoT trends. Storing the data and logins using a secure server. Communication is established via encrypted protocols.

Built to last. All products are made from high quality materials with an average life expectancy of 10 years.

Add an unlimited number of devices to your account. Control everything from a single user-friendly app.

Intuitive and user-friendly app, translated in more than 15 languages.


Wired smart thermostat for water temperature control via a single user-friendly app.

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BBoil RF

Wireless smart thermostat for perfect climate in any premise

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PS Plug

Smart plug for the remote control of all electric appliances.

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PS Gate

Smart door controller to open and close any gate from any location in the world.

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PS Thermo

Hub that allows online and offline control over all connected systems

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PS Fire

Wireless smoke sensor for fire prevention

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PS Water

Wireless water sensor for flood prevention

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PS Alarm

Smart alarm system that detects open doors and windows

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