Wi-Fi control of doors or access control system is the response to customers’ need for practicality, convenience and security.

Smart Comfort

PS Gate allows customers to open and close their door with a single click on their smartphone. It enhances users’ well-being and gives them peace of mind. Free your customers mind from obsessing about keys, card and chips that are expensive and easy to lose. PS Gate gives users comfort by providing remote control from any location in the world and real-time information about the status of their door.

Saving together

Our solutions are for the whole family or even for the whole building, as access can be shared with unlimited number of people. This way your customers will save from purchasing countless remote controls. Granting and revoking access is as easy as entering an email. Users get all app features for free.


Smart access control

Allow owners or site managers to securely manage the facility access via a single app. Provide authorized tenant entry (or restrict entry) with an easy-to-use, intuitive and convenient way to access facility access points (gate, man-door, floor and individual unit) using a mobile app. Monitor tenant activity (e.g. entry dates, times, individuals, sharing of access) and review that information in the history records.
Cyber Security: Our solutions use state-of-the-art data encryption and cloud-based security

For companies that want to meet the needs of their brand loyal customers, we offer white-label products and an option for customization of the firmware and software. Implementing our white label products into your gate or access control systems greatly reduces development costs, compared to in-house product development. Enhance the functionality and value of your products at a very small cost by integrating our ready-made solutions. Bring the future of IoT to your customers now.

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