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Turn on your air conditioner quickly and easily, while you are still at the office
And now let’s change the temperature

Control your devices from anywhere in the
world. Reliably. Easy. Efficiently

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Control your devices from anywhere in the
world. Reliably. Easy. Efficiently


Complete control over
the water heating system

You control the boiler’s water temperature
through a smartphone
or desktop PC

You use
automatic schedules
and energy saving system


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BBoil RF

You control your home's temperature
via a smartphone or a PC

Complete control over
your home heating systems
and water heating


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Full control of blinds, tents and roof windows in your home

Open your entry door, garage door or barrier via smartphone or smartwatch


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You control the building’s temperature
via smartphone,
tablet or computer

You have complete control over the
air conditioning system
in every room

Be among the firsts to try it
BBoil or BClimate

We develop inspiring products of
high value tousers
- Pro Smart Ltd.

About us

Pro Smart Ltd. is a company, specialized in the development of solutions for automatization of different types of devices. The products are suitable for private homes, as well as industrial buildings. The company’s solutions are being used in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

Pro Smart’s products are in line with the latest technology innovations. We use high quality components from leading manufacturers.

Our main principles


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