About Prosmart

ProSmart AD is committed to developing IoT solutions that help people use energy smarter and enjoy greater comfort in their lives. The company was founded in 2014 with production and development based completely in Bulgaria. We are a B2B company that operates extensively on the European market, but we have developed partnerships in parts of the world like Australia, the USA, Mexico and others. Our international activity, together with the strong focus on R&D, help our company to introduce products up to the latest trends in the IoT at revolunationary price.


Persistent improvement

We are committed to working hard on constantly improving our solutions and discover new ways to make reliable IoT solutions affordable for everyone. Once you join Pro Smart, you will always get the best, with our free software updates.

Superior Support

We work together, across boundaries, to provide the support that our partners need and help them win. Our support team is always available to advise end-users and businesses on any issue, ensuring everything is working as it is supposed to and running as smooth as possible.


We work with many businesses, so we uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our actions. We work together to develop feature rich products that meet the needs of homeowners, installers, wholesalers, manufacturers and really everyone who wants to become part of the fastest growing IoT network.

Mission and Vision


Produce smart control solutions that fit anyone’s budget and any home, making it more efficient, cozy and connected.


Creating world where managing your energy effectively is simple and intuitive.

Market Positioning

At Pro Smart, we aim to provide the most affordable and reliable IoT solutions produced in the EU. We emphasize on accessibility and intuitiveness to make energy saving easy and convenient. We integrate the latest technologies and uphold our products to the highest standards by passing series of quality checks.


Growing network of partners in more than 15 countries including the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Irealand and others


We are among the pioneers of IoT solutions in Bulgaria.We are proven leaders on the domestic market due to our dedication to innovation.


More than 50 000 connected devices since sales started in 2014. Developing new products each year to meet everyone’s needs.

Our Strategy

The B2B cooperation is a crucial part of our success story, because we appreciate the diversity and culture of each market and industry. And who knows better than the domestic business owner? So, we partner with local entities and establish cooperation based on trust and common goals. Growing our businesses together can be easy with our IoT expertise and your domestic network. We supply businesses with customized white label hardware as well as complete ready-to-use IoT platform. We offer trainings on-site and IoT conferences to keep you up to date with the latest developments.


Global Trends

Gain competitive advantage in your business area by bringing the future of IoT to your customers. How do we know it is the future? Well, statistics are loud and clear:

  •    IoT market predicted to double by 2021, reaching $520B according to Forbes
  •    64 billion IoT devices are estimated to be connected worldwide by 2025.
  •    80% of senior executives across industries, on average, say IoT is critical to some or all lines of their business in 2018

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