Frequently Asked Questions

Technical Questions

How to connect my device to the electrical power supply?

For detailed instructions check our user manuals and installation videos here.

How many systems can one Pro Smart device control?

PS Thermo can control up to 4 systems. For all other products, one device can control one system.

Where can I place the wireless temperature sensor?

Away from any heating and direct sunlight. That affects BBoil RF's readings and its general usage.

What type of batteries the wireless sensor uses?

Normal AA batteries (size R6)

How long do the batteries of the wireless sensor last?

It depends on the batteries and the distance between the temperature sensor from BBoil RF, but between 18 and 24 months.

How can I do a hard reset?

Press and hold the device's black button for 3-5 seconds. Release and then hold the button again for 3 seconds. The device is now back to its initial settings. You can find video instructions here.

How can I restart my device?

Press and hold the device's black button for 3-5 seconds. The light emitting diode starts blinking intensely, which is an indication that you have restarted the device and it is currently in Settings mode, expecting further configuration. To do a hard reset, release and then hold the button again for 3 seconds. The device is now back to its initial settings.

What type of communication protocol the products use?

We use a custom wireless communication protocol.

Can Pro Smart's products be firmware updated?

Yes, all the products can be firmware upgraded wirelessly or via back-end communication. Even battery powered sensors can be upgraded wirelessly while still being active. PS Thermo even allows you to check for available updates, so you can download and run it at any time convenient for you.

Do I really need to have Wi-Fi connection to use Pro Smart's devices?

The Internet communication is a must to connect the device. Once you have programmed it, though, the device could work as a programmable thermoregulator, even without Internet connection. But after all, BBoil RF is created to work with Internet connectivity.

What are the Wi-Fi requirements?

Wi-Fi network works on 2.4GHz
Wi-Fi network is not a guest network.
Wi-Fi network does not have any Captive portals*
Wi-Fi network does not have any MAC address restrictions*
* If you are in doubt whether your Wi-Fi network has any of those, open the Admin panel of your router and check them there.

My router's signal is low and my device is out of reach?

Place the router closer to the device if you can. An option is also to place a wireless network extender to magnify the router's signal.

What happens if my Internet is not working?

Whilst you won't be able to use the app, your system will continue working according to your last settings.

Can I change the Wi-Fi network of my device?

Of course! First, connect your smartphone to the new desired Wi-Fi network. You should perform a hard reset of your device which is explained in a few simple steps here. Open the proSmart app and use smartConfig to connect your device to your new desired Wi-Fi network.

General Questions

How does a smart thermostat save money from my bill?

Our smart thermostat controls maintains your desired room temperature and follows your schedule, matching your routine. It works only when it is necessary, so it doesn't waste any energy. This way you save, while enjoying perfect home climate.

How can I order a Pro Smart device?

We sell exclusively to businesses. If you want to work with us, you can contact our sales department at office@prosmartsystem.com If you are a private customer, fill in the contact form to find our closest representative.

How long is the delivery time?

Delivery time for countries in Europe is up to 2 weeks. For orders of white label products, you need to contact us directly for an estimate.

What is the return policy?

Due to its low count, we replace all faulty devices.

Where can I download the app?

If you have Android operating system, you can download the app from Google Play. If you have iOS mobile operating system, you can download it from the App Store

How many devices can I manage from my profile?

You can add an unlimited number of devices and control all connected home system via a single app.


What geographical markets do Pro Smart's products support?

Mainly, Pro Smart Products targets the European market. All of our products are CE certified. Other certifications can be achieved based on a valid business proposal.

How can I work with Pro Smart?

You would like to become our partner? Tell us more about you, what is your business, where and how do you plan to sell Pro Smart's products. Send an inquiry