Smart home

Nowadays, we see an increasing demand for solutions that cut household energy bills. Pro Smart’s devices not only increase the energy efficiency of the systems they control, but they also give users an easy and intuitive way to manage their energy consumption. Our smart home solutions are good for customers’ wallet as well as for the environment.

Smart Control

Provide your customers with remote control over their home via a single user-friendly app. The app can be installed on smartphone, tablet, PC or even a smartwatch. The power of remote control allows users to adjust room temperatures, operate any door, switch on/off home appliances from any location in the world.

Smart Information

Add real-time information to remote control and you have the perfect solution for greater comfort and lower energy bills. Users always have current information about their room temperature, humidity level and the status of all connected home systems. No more worries whether you closed your door or switched off your iron.

Smart Comfort

Promote better life by offering solutions for major time and money savings. Our smart thermostats ensure perfect home climate in each room. The easy programming of all devices makes them suitable for any type of lifestyle. We uphold the highest safety standards, making sure all users feel protected and cared for.


Wide variety of smart devices

Pro Smart’s products can help you automate almost any home system. Since the beginning of the company 4 years ago, we have launched 5 products and we are constantly working on developing new devices and functionalities. We are introducing 3 more products in the upcoming year. Connect an unlimited number of smart devices and enjoy full control of your home at your fingertips.

Affordable and cost-efficient

Our goal is to satisfy the needs of people who do not want to spend tons of money on home automation, but want to enjoy the benefit of smart homes. Our solutions are distinguished by rich control options and competitive prices.


Implementing our white label products into your smart home solutions greatly reduces development costs, compared to in-house product development. Leaders in the industry trust us as their partners, not only because we supply them with competitive products, but also because we support them in any way possible to achieve success. Bring smart solutions to your customers now and put your company at the forefront of the fastest growing market – IoT.

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