White label options

Get new customized smart home products and expand your existing portfolio by adding your brand and label.

Customized IoT

There is nothing better than a brand loyal customers. With our OEM products you can save from in-house product development while still offering solutions that satisfy your brand aesthetic. To ensure that your solution meets the requirements of your business and the needs of your customers, you can choose between a wide range of OEM products. With a white label solution, you have the opportunity to customize both the software and packaging of the products in several ways. In this way, your brand is easily added to the products.

Custom app design

Customize your brand colors, logo, etc and have your own app that meets your brand requirements.

Sleeves and inner boxes

The individual packaging of the white label products includes a sleeve and an inner box. The sleeves can be customized with your brand colors, logo, slogans, etc. The inner boxes come in white.

Product label

On each of the other products, a label is added. You can include your logo on the product label, and you can modify the model number.

User Manuals

With each of the products, an installation manual follows. In order to design your installation manuals, you will be provided with our manuals to use as inspiration for both the text and graphics.

White Label IoT Products

Build your custom smart home solution with our white label products. You are offered a wide range of IoT solutions and customization options to meet all needs of your business and your customers.

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